Products and Services


We offer editing services for people interested in making sure that their cover letter or resume is free of typographical or grammatical errors.

  • Editing Resume                                                                                                             $29.99
  • Editing Cover Letter                                                                                                     $29.99
  • Editing Resume & Cover Letter                                                                                $54.99

Resume Design

Through phone consultations and interviews, our team discusses the client’s work history, educational background, and career goals to develop a resume that represents the client in the most appealing light possible.

  • Formatting & Writing One Resume                                                                                    $179.99
  • Formatting & Writing One Resume & One Cover Letter                                              $199.99
  • Updating One Resume for Former Clients                                                                          $59.99
  • Updating One Resume & One Cover Letter for Former Clients                                   $74.99

Interview Preparation

All successful interviewees know three things: (1) their resume, (2) the position, and (3) the organization.  Our team prepares clients to interview with confidence using a combination of prepared questions and mock interviews.

  • Interview Prep Questionnaire                                                                                                 $39.99
  • Interview Prep Mock Interview                                                                                               $39.99
  • Interview Prep Questionnaire & Mock Interview                                                              $74.99


Total Package

  • Updating One Resume, One Cover Letter, Interview Prep                                                                                    Questionnaire & Mock Interview                                                                                   $124.99
  • One Cover Letter, Resume, Interview Prep                                                                                                                Questionnaire & Mock Interview                                                                                   $249.99

Products and Prices

Products and Prices

One thought on “Products and Services

  1. Nur

    I have never paid someone to check my resume and I never will unless it’s Keri Nash. Keri not only helps you with your resume and cover letter, she is genuinely interested in the best for those she assists. Keri is my mentor and one of the few people who sat with me and picked out mistakes that I never would have found. I thought my resume was perfect when I gave it to her, and now I laugh to think that I felt that way.

    Thank you Keri!!!


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