Welcome to J & N Consulting.  We provide a wide variety of services: Career coaching and job searching strategies; virtual and in-person consultations; cover letter and resume creation; interview preparation; and, writing sample editing, proofreading, and restructuring.  Our team has decades of experience writing, proofreading, and editing a variety of documents – cover letters and resumes, articles, and reports.  Allow us to use our talents to help you secure your next job.


Keri did a brilliant job restructuring and enhancing my resume.  I was unsure of how to describe the work I’ve done in a way that would catch the eye of hiring managers, but Keri worked magic.  The way she reworded my resume by adding depth and clarity.  As a result of her work, I am submitting my resume to employers with confidence.  Keri’s writing skills are impeccable.  She is a professional and a joy to work with.

Clori J. – Maryland


Keri took the time to understand my skills and desired career before addressing my cover letter and resume.  We thoroughly evaluated all of my work experience; I was amazed at the final product. It has been years since I looked at my resume and said, “Wow, this is actually me!” Keri is “a natural” at what is an intimidating process for so many of us.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Keri’s services!

Patiya F. – Virginia


Working with Keri on both my cover letters and resumes has been an exceptional experience.  Her professionalism is unparalleled.  She has a way with words that make your job application stand out.  Out of the many people that have revised and rewritten my resume over the past year, Keri’s edits have been the best.

Tamara J.Maryland

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  1. KeMiT

    Keri Nash did an outstanding job of providing interview preparation services, well worth the minimal cost. Her thorough and professional approach helped me achieve my employment goals, without anxiety. She anticipated the employers questions, goals, and major angles — enabling me to be the star of the interview process. I highly HIGHLY recommend her!

  2. Brittany G

    Keri was an absolute delight!! I sent her the resume that I had written and in two 2-hour sessions, she had it looking the way that I envisioned it to be. She is very detailed and in going over your resume with you she makes you understand why something needs to be changed or re-worked offering tips on how to market it for the various jobs you are applying for. She also only goes as far as you are willing and comfortable. When I saw the new version of my resume, I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day!

  3. Racquel G

    I have never done plastic surgery, but when Keri was done with her surgical procedure on my resume, I felt like I had a face lift. My self confidence boosted and I just knew I was walking on air. Thank you so much Keri for re-introducing me to my fabulous self! Needless to say, I love your work, your energy, your style, you! To say you are incredible in an awesome way is truly an understatement! You are simply the best! Thank you sooooooo much!

  4. Damali

    When I first met Keri, I thought to myself, “What can she do differently to my resume hasn’t already been reflected?” Before working with Keri, I was completely annoyed with false perceptions, but I decided to give her a chance. She was my only chance to get my resume right!

    I was not only impressed, but also received my new resume with enthusiasm and joy. Keri is simply fly, extremely patient, and intriguing. She’s a northern gal with a touch of southern dignity. She knows how to carry out the mission from start to finish.

    I simply love my new resume. Thank you, Keri, for seeing my vision (accomplishments) and making them come true!!! ~Thank you Keri

  5. Tiye K.

    Keri’s assistance helped me get my new job and I couldn’t be more thankful for her. Her knowledge of hiring practices enabled me to submit job applications with the confidence that my materials were in tip-top shape. She coached me to be able to see through the announcements and application questions to get to the meat and potatoes of what hiring personnel are looking for and deliver accordingly.

    Keri was a true delight to work with and empowered me to see the hiring process through a hirer’s eyes. I will remember the STAR analysis system forever!

  6. Leah V.

    Moving to the Washington DC area and looking for your dream job can be an overwhelming and intimidating undertaking. Keri relieves the anxiety! She gets you to think about how your skills might transfer to other types of organizations, industries or contexts so you understand similarities between your experience and the vague language used in many job postings.

    She provides perfect guidance for filling out those ominous online applications. She doesn’t give superficial or abstract advice. Rather, her instruction is detailed, comprehensive, and thoughtful, which is exactly what you need when applying for these competitive positions.

    Keri advised me on properly framing and structuring responses to the online questionnaires.

    Using her advice, I received an invitation to an interview. Thanks to her excellent interview prep, I nailed it. I felt confident and well-prepared, and even if I don’t land the job, I am ready to conquer the next one. A million thanks, Keri – you are amazing!

  7. Shykenia

    My resume had been restructured about three times by three different people before hiring Keri. It had been months with just a few invitations for an interview. During this time I was hesitant to hire someone else because I had spent so much money having my resume restructured. I was very surprised when she advised of her process because none of the others had ever gathered much information from me. They simply used my previous resume for information.

    I decided to hire Keri and I am so glad I made that decision. During our phone calls, I gave her information on my career and my success throughout the years; I knew she was the truth. Keri was able to identify things that should not have been on my previous resume. She helped me to list my accomplishments from my career and thoroughly explained why it’s so important for it to read on my resume. She walked me me through each process and let me know why she was asking me the questions.

    When I received my resume, I was in complete awe. My finished resume has given me so much confidence. It lists my accomplishments and makes me proud to apply to vacancies knowing that I have a greater chance of obtaining more gainful employment. Within the first week of applying with my new resume, I have received two invitations for an interview.

    Keri, is simply the truth. Her method is so strategic, simple and foolproof. I will never consult with anyone else unless Keri is not working.

    Thank you, Keri.

  8. C. Jacinta Madhere

    Keri has revisited and revised my resume and cover letter time and time again over the years. And, I will never make an edit to my resume without consulting her first because with laser sharp precision she dissects each phrase, each description until she understands the core of who you are as a professional. The final product presents you on paper your experience and expertise in the stellar light deserving of a position that builds upon your skill set and accomplishments. Keri’s methods are strategic and purposeful with a deliberate goal in mind.

    Despite being a professional with 20+ years experience, I admittedly hadn’t had much interview experience. Keri’s ability to make me comfortable about talking about myself and preparing me for any and all questions that could come up in an interview is PHENOMENAL. I walked into my interview confident in who I was as a professional and my ability to express it.

    Keri is the OLIVIA POPE of resume writing and interview preparedness – minus the DRAMA! 😉 (My SHE-RO!)

  9. CeCelia Valentine

    A great friend and mentor suggested that I contact Keri to update my resume, as it had not been done in years. I formatted my original resume more than fifteen years ago after graduating law school and hadn’t touched it since except updating the occasional date and employer. Because I wanted to move in another direction with my law career, Keri was the perfect person to help me. She took a lot of time with me to really get to the heart of what I had done in previous positions and the finished product was nothing short of amazing. It was almost as if I was reading the resume of someone that I would want to be! Keri got to the heart of what my experience really taught me and prepared me for. In addition, her interview prep gave me the confidence and skill to really land a top position. This is the best money I have ever spent! Keri is truly a phenomenal woman and I most certainly am better having worked her method. I also gained an amazing friend and ally.

  10. Colette

    I was introduced to Keri through a trusted friend and colleague. I had to update my resume and curriculum vitae for a position within 48 hours! Keri met with me, interviewed me, reviewed my work history and within 48 hours I had a professional resume, CV and cover letter that was outstanding. As a professional working woman, it was such a gift to find a strong female mentor like Keri who completely understands all aspects of the legal community. I would recommend Keri for resume services as well as career counseling. In the short time I have known Keri Nash she has become a trusted friend, ally and career mentor who encourages and inspires all.

  11. Melissa Millar

    I can’t say enough about Keri and her thorough rework of my resume. I have known Keri for years, she knew I was in need of a more fulfilling job, and she made it her mission to help me get one. We had an extensive conversation about my resume — why was I highlighting this thing, why was I including that thing, what was I trying to communicate — and it really forced me to think about how to best to sell myself. After all, a resume is a sales pitch, and mine definitely needed some fine tuning.

    Thanks to her expert revisions of the resume itself, as well as helping me better understand what I have to offer, I have found a wonderful place to work, with coworkers that appreciate me and the work I do. I can’t recommend Keri enough; she is a wizard, and you should let her work her magic.


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